This page is a collection of user and Vyatta generated examples, tutorials, scripts and how-to’s designed to help Vyatta users

User Submitted Tutorials

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Spanish Language Docs & Tutorial
- By Herminio Noguera aka openredes

Deploying a Vyatta Core Firewall
- By Jason Todd (SANS Institute Reading Room site)

Vyatta to Cisco - Tunneling from ASA to Vyatta Using VMware and GNS
- By vyatta.org/forum user rogard

Excel Firewall Rule Generator for Vyatta CLI
- By forum user tormentum

Vyatta Remote Access VPN with L2TP and PPTP
- By vyatta.org/forum user rogard

VC6 Zone-Policy Example
- By vyatta.org/forum user mrjester

Basic BGP path selection with Vyatta
- By vyatta.org/forum user rogard

Simple Firewall and NAT rules
- By forum user adriand

Router-on-a-stick using vshere
- By vyatta.org/forum user rogard

VC6 Wireless AccessPoint HOWTO
- By vyatta.org/forum user Cartman

Bringing home the Cisco Hierarchical Internetworking Model with Vyatta
- Ahmed M. Dirie

Spreadsheet to generate Vyatta NAT configuration
- By vyatta.org/forum user Mephi

Textmate plugin for Vyatta config.boot
- By vyatta.org/forum user knippers

3 Way Load Balancing With DMZ Exception
- Roggy' Blog

Vyatta - Example of OpenVPN infront of Microsoft ISA Server
- Roggy' Blog

Vyatta as an Internet Gateway (Firewall, NAT, DHCP server, DNS forwarding, Web cache, Web Filtering, Port Forwarding)
- Roggy' Blog

Vyatta Cluster with VRRP and IPSec Site-to-Site VPN
- Roggy' Blog

Vyatta VC 6 Netflow and Solarwinds
- Roggy' Blog

Vyatta Remote Access OpenVPN lab using VmWare Workstation
- Roggy' Blog

Vyatta OSPF Tutorial using VmWare Workstation
- Roggy' Blog

Testing Vyatta with QoS and Asterisk(Elastix)
- Roggy' Blog

Load Balancing with Vyatta VC 6
- Roggy' Blog

Achieving High Availability with Vyatta in the Cloud (amazon EC2)
- Ahmed M. Dirie

Application Virtualization Cloudburst
- Craig Ellrod - Citrix

Cloud Acceleration over VPN
- Craig Ellrod - Citrix

Configure a Vyatta Cluster for Redundant Virtual Firewalls
- Virtual Foundry

Citrix Video Tips
(Install, Virtual Routing, BGP, Cloud VPN)

Protect the Service Contsole Network with a Virtual Firewall
- Robert Patton - Virtual Foundry

Implement NAT under VMware ESX 3.5 using a virtual Vyatta router
- Kneew.com

How-to Setup Internal routing on VI3i Host with Vyatta Virtual Router
-Tom Halligan

Installing OpenSBC (SIP Session Border Controller) on Vyatta
- Michael Picher

How to: Configuring BGP on Vyatta
- Debuntu.org

Configuring a Vyatta 4.0 release as a PPTP VPN server
-Zlatan Klebic - Open Informatics

Running a Virtual Router & Firewall inside VMware ESX with Vyatta
-David Davis - HappyRouter.com

Vyatta - Forwarding traffic to Squid
- Ben King - Bit10

Linux: Router Bandwidth Management
- Hackosis

Is there a F/LOSS alternative to Cisco network routers?
- Mick Gregg

How to Create a VPN Site-to-Site IPsec Tunnel Mode Connection Between a Vyatta OFR and an ISA 2006 Firewall
- Carbonwind

Vyatta OFR supports multiple VPN Clients(either L2TP/IPsec and/or PPTP) located behind it(when NAT-ing)

How To: Basic QoS on Vyatta with DSCP for VoIP
- Matt G. Watson

Optimizing Vyatta for Compact Flash

- Ben - Network Alchemy

Configuring a home Vyatta router with DHCP Client/Server and NAT
- The Complete Geek

Detailed Vyatta Case Studies
- by OpenManiak

Vyatta Basic Setup Guide
- AHostedSeries

Introduction to Vyatta - English French
-Supinfo Projects

Cisco ACL to Vyatta Firewall Conversion Script
- mrunkel

Awesome high availability solution!
- Props to vonrabbe and Cartman!

Configuring OSPF Between Vyatta and Cisco IOS - Props to Matt Oswalt!